"Though this be madness yet there is method in it."

Slab City//Salvation Mountain

I cannot believe that up until now I really thought I hadn’t done anything worthy of updating my blog since Tahoe! Surprise, surprise..time for another game of catch up. Be patient with me. I’m more of an avid Instagram user which you are free to go follow me on! angeliquemorales is my username. Anyway, a couple months ago..around the end of January/beginning of February, I want to say, my friends and I got the chance to visit the infamous Slab City as well as Salvation Mountain while making pit stops at the International Banana Museum & the mesmerizing Salton Sea at sunset. I was in awe of the mountain made entirely of slabs with Mr. Leonard Knight’s own two hands. It’s a lot to take in as there was a lot of gawking involved with my visit. This mini road trip turned out perfectly with us traveling on down to the slabs on a Saturday, which is when The Range is in full swing. The Range is a sort of nightclub for the people of Slab City. Outsiders are welcome. There’s live music and lots of dancing! It’s almost like a music festival except this is their way of living and it’s fascinating. For those that have watched Into The Wild, does any of this sound familiar? My friends and I got the chance to spend the night at the slabs (pitching a tent on an actual slab which made it so much cooler). I know that chance isn’t going to get much easier so I’m glad we did it when we did. The greatest of travel vibes on this trip. Now, on to the next!

Lake Tahoe//Snowglobe Music Fest 2013

A couple months ago I ran into a friend at school and I told him about my (reaching) plans to attend the Snowglobe music festival in Lake Tahoe, CA. He goes on to tell me that his family owns a cabin there which leads to my jaw hitting the floor. Who says that so non-chalantly? Also, who doesn’t take full advantage of that?? Anyway, I forget about our conversation and a couple weeks later he texts me to let me know that both he and his brother plan on having people spend a part of their winter break at their cabin! This brought an insane amount of stoke that I literally screamed of joy. Not only was this so cool to be invited to, but it worked out perfectly for Snowglobe! We left on the 28th of December and I got back January 2nd. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful that my images don’t do it any justice. The lake itself is so goes on for days! To see snow was an amazing break from constant sun. Time lost it’s significance and I could no longer tell if noon was early or late. This trip honestly felt like a blissful dream. Snowglobe was left for last. Most of us attended the last day (the 31st) to celebrate the new year. It was perfect! We all split up but it didn’t matter. We all knew we would have a great time no matter what. My friend and I stayed at the main stage, mainly. I saw Dillon Francis for the 4th time, Beats Antique, the one and only Snoop Dogg, and Cut Copy ended the last day of the 3 day festival. Tahoe definitely showed me a good time and it was spent with good people. I can’t wait to continue my travels and attending concerts and music fests. H A P P Y N E W Y E A R! Cheers to life and everything it brings.

HARD Day of the Dead

Yet another rave attended. This time it was back to the Los Angeles State Historic Park on November 2 & 3 for Day of the Dead. The first day was such a scramble because one of my favorite artists had a set time of 3 o’clock and we had just arrived to LA around 2:30. I ended up looking like an idiot with the sad looking makeup I managed to apply. That didn’t matter because I still got to catch Kastle’s set and hear my favorite mix from him. The pictures from above are of Kastle, Skrillex, Baauer b2b RL Grime, and Deadmau5. Raves FTW.

Time to play catch up again..
Let’s go back to Halloween night when I got to meet Two Door Cinema Club and finally see them live after 3 years. Yes. It happened. All thanks to my rad internship at FM 94/9 (which has since ended). I missed their set at Coachella because, who the hell has The xx and TDCC playing at the same time?! So now you know who I chose to see. And so I thought I would never get the chance to see them again. Never say never, I say. Finally, this amazing opportunity came up and their set was absolutely amazing. Maybe it was because they were all dressed up in costume or maybe it was because they’re just so damn awesome. They proved to me that, indeed, “something good can work”. Halloween was pretty cool, I guess.

With a pun intended, there are 5 points I need to cover. Once again I must catch up on the events I have attended. The reason for that pun in the beginning was for the mini festival I attended called 5 Points Gathering. I won’t elaborate on any of these events but, yes, everything was a damn good time and life is still good. After the festival, I got to go to a sold out City & Colour show which was amazing. Fm 94/9 hosted a lunch with Pepper which was fun and the guys were super chill (and HOT). A Paramore concert was in the event calendar and OMG. Hayley Williams’ voice is simply incredible. And most recently, I met the guys from The Neighbourhood! I love my internshiship. Life’s good.

Thanks to my rad internship, I got to see Vampire Weekend and John Mayer (not in the same night). Both concerts were amazing! I was glad to see Vampire Weekend for the second time because I didn’t catch their whole set at Coachella. A downside to festivals I’m sure I’ve mentioned. John Mayer was incredible. It’s not that I didn’t like him before, but he wasn’t an artist I would go out of my way to see. He is absolutely amazing! His voice is beautiful and his music got me hooked. Love!

This post is a bit scatter brained. Many things happened consecutively so I’ll catch up. There were two concerts I attended, one of which I did secretly since it was put on by 91X—the rival station to 94/9. In my defense, I bought the tickets months before I had any affiliation to the station so there you have it. X fest was alright. The lineup was amazing, no doubt about it but the vibe wasn’t pleasant and the sound was terrible. Who cares, I saw Blink-182! So the very next day, I worked 94/9’s indie jam. Now that was fun! I know I can’t say this without seeming like I’m advertising the station but in all honesty; it was awesome. Even though the lineup wasn’t so star studded like x fest, it had the best vibe and the sound was on point. Cage the Elephant out on such an amazing show! Everyone was rocking out and I used my VIP wristband to go backstage! Also, I’m going to sound lame but I was sitting on the bleachers while Cage the Elephant were playing but they were putting on such a great show that they made me get out of my seat and join the crowd! It was a success. And the day after that, it was off to Six Flags! I know. A jam packed weekend for me. Six Flags was fun!! My aunt is visiting from Hawaii and she invited me and my sister so we got to spend time together. It was busy and we thought we would only get on two rides but ended up getting on five! It was a good time. Off to the next adventure!

On Monday night I got to attend a studio session with New Politics at the House of Blues in San Diego. This is one of the many exciting parts about my internship with FM 94/9, a radio station in San Diego. Since I’m part of the promotions team, I get to sign up for different events such as these. It was super rad! I got to meet the band and watch a live performance. They played their hit single “Harlem” and a couple others. Such sweet guys! Can’t wait for more events.

On September 15th, my sister and I attended the Mad Decent Block Party in San Diego. The very last block party for 2013 and it was held at the Petco Park parking lot. We knew we had to get there early in order to be in the front. Once we got there, we didn’t budge. There’s some obvious pros and cons to being in the very front. Pros: being in the front, getting to possibly interact with the artists, making it to the after-movie and pictures. Cons: being plastered by everyone trying to get to the front, absolutely no room to dance, no leaving to the restroom or refill on water and so on. We never really go to the front so we didn’t mind. The aftermath was pretty scary. I have the most massive bruises I have ever had. On my knees, hips, elbows, you name it. I would say it was worth it to be front row for Jack U’s first ever set, Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead, and, of course, Major Lazer. There were many more artists and we probably had the best lineup out of the whole tour. This was crazy fun and nothing less than expected. Lazers never die!

Last night, my sisters and I drove up to LA on a whim going off of an email we received to be in a music video for Calvin Harris and Alesso-thanks to Hard. This is definitely something I wouldn’t want to do again unless I was one of the girls on stage with them. We got to the designated place around 4 and things didn’t get rolling until 9:30. Now, I’m not one to complain so I’ll stop myself before I get nasty…We got to meet Calvin and Alesso! It was such a rad time and I can’t wait to see the ending result!